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The Pizza Man Pulls the Plug / Telling Thoughts Comment

Telling Thoughts

Republican Presidential contender Herman Cain announced today that he has suspended his campaign. I am sure we will be hearing more from this rather tragic and comedic figure, before November 2012, as he seems to enjoy the limelight far too much to be taken seriously.


The Cain Excuse

“Contrary to what the scandalous nameless faceless character assassins intended to do, Mr. Cain is not going away anytime soon,” said Niger Innis, a campaign adviser who was in the smaller meeting. “I think he did not want to leave the race. He came to the conclusion that he just could not put his family through the attacks.” (Washington Post: Nov 3 2011) US.

Comment: The Cain Reality

What did Cain expect to happen? To run for President and not have his background count in the public’s evaluation of him? Grow up Herman. Your decision to suspend your campaign was never about your family; it was driven by the reality that you were already out of the game. Something you still don’t wish to accept.


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