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The November Man / Brief Excerpt + Link

 Excerpt from The November Man

The General Understands

General Wesley Clark the former NATO commander was dead right when he said that John McCain’s experience as a POW and Navy pilot could not be considered as a qualification for the Office of President of the United States.

Others would Agree

No doubt former Republican President Dwight D Eisenhower, the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe during the second world war would have agreed with General Clark. Perhaps this explains why his highly respected granddaughter, a republican and loyal American Suzan Eisenhower, is now supporting Senator Barack Obama. What import can be given to support McCain’s claims, when even the Supreme Allied Commander in the Pacific during the second world war, General Douglas Macarthur, the man who oversaw the defeat of Japan and supervised its post war reconstruction, was not deemed as an acceptable candidate to contest the Presidency?


Undeterred, Senator John McCain continues to maintain that his experience of being a prisoner in Vietnam and his time in the US Senate qualifies him for the office of President and Commander in chief. McCain suffers the same type of egotistical militaristic delusion which put paid to the Presidential dreams of General Macarthur. A man with an impressive record of military leadership and achievement, but one who also lacked important Presidential skills.

Early release risk

Where is the evidence to support John McCain’s claims? Academically, he placed 495th out of his Navy graduating class of 500 at Annapolis. Did he stand out in the Navy? He certainly did. According to one biography he managed to crash 5 different aircraft during his time in the Navy. A very expensive pilot indeed. After being captured in Vietnam, he declined the North Vietnamese propaganda offers of early repatriation to the US once they learned of his father’s high US Navy Rank. In reality, early release was never an option for McCain. Acceptance would have exposed him as benefiting directly from his paternal connection at the expense of other American POW’s being released in the order military protocol laid down at the time.

In a matter that serious, McCain would never have lived that down. His career in the Navy would have been finished. Even his father couldn’t have helped him then. On arrival home McCain was decorated, later promoted and given what was regarded as the cocktail party circuit job of Naval liason officer to the US Senate. That is not a qualification for President either.

Excerpt from “The November Man” — Link to the full Telling Thoughts article –



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