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The Jesse Jackson Disgrace / 2 x Videos

Breaking News 

Fox News has just revealed that the Rev Jesse Jackson has made remarks so offensive about Senator Barack Obama that even Fox felt it was inappropriate broadcast them at this stage. Probably checking with their lawyers first.

Fox couldn’t wait to get this negative Obama story on the airwaves.

Apparently Jackson was a guest at a Fox function and was making critical and crude remarks about Obama to a third party while being unaware his words were being captured by a live microphone.  Sounds like Fox set Jackson up to me.

Jackson on Fox trying to water down his culpability – video 5 mins.

Latest video release from MSNBC with Jackson’s comments included -6 mins


A Telling Thoughts comment. It is a travesty that biased and racist elements of the American media fail to judge Senator Obama on his merits and his words and not by those who display their tsnami like jealousy in trying to undermine his campaign. With friends like these!



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