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The Facts of Life: Elizabeth Warren’s Message

Telling Thoughts

Elizabeth Warren’s passion, precision and professional understanding of why things need to drastically change, deserves the bigger platform people are supporting in the petition to the President. That is, Keynote Speaker at the 2012 DNC Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This is the ideal platform from which to speak to the President’s re-election campaign, enhance her bid to enter the US Senate, and improve the elective chances of every Democrat candidate in the country.

America, and indeed the rest of the world, needs to hear her refreshingly honest and sensible message. It  is an important message, a message of commonsense and it needs to be heeded if people are to learn anything from the recent tragic past.

As a public presenter Elizabeth is natural, dynamic and highly engaging.

The video needs promoting  via Email, Twitter and Facebook. Even carrier pigeon if all else fails?  And be sent to all Obama groups, plus other groups accompanied by the “Elizabeth Warren for Keynote Speaker” petition to the President. Link: http://www.change.org/petitions/president-of-the-united-states-select-elizabeth-warren-to-give-dnc-convention-keynote-nc?share_id=wtDfQeCdiA&

Please spread the word widely to make this happen,

Thank You,


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