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The Disloyal General

Telling Thoughts

As Commander in Chief, President Obama needs to sack US General Stanley McChrystal for his disloyalty; not for his inability to implement the Obama administration’s flawed military strategy.

Responsibility for the patently obvious US failure in Afghanistan rests with the White House, for the quicksand policy of believing, as did the disastrous Bush administration, that conventional military action could prevail in that environment.

In Europe and in North America opposition to the war in Afghanistan has already seen Canada and the Netherlands announce the withdrawal of their troops; caused the resignation of the President of Germany, and toppled the Dutch Government.

Meanwhile Australian troops remain trapped in that hellish environment and for what? Prime Minister Rudd and the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, should tell the Americans they are wrong. A good sensible ally – would and should.

The Australian people in growing numbers do not support the Afghanistan policy of our political leaders. This will be a major issue in the forthcoming Australian election.

Quite frankly, America needs to get the hell out of Afghanistan. As certain as each day’s incoming tide, Afghanistan’s neighbours will move in as soon as the US forces are gone.

And go they must!



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