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The Beck & Palin Interview Videos

Telling Thoughts

I am posting this program coverage for those who may not have seen this January 13th 2010 interview of the ex Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, by American Fox News host, Glenn Beck. As an Australian, I find it incomprehensible that such unqualified and uninformed people as this pair clearly are, could occupy such prominent media platforms.  Perhaps this is part the price we pay for Democracy.


Part one .. 10 minutes 14

Part Two .. 4 minutes 52

Part Three .. 7 minutes 18

Part Four ..  6 mins 14

Part Five .. 7 minutes 14

Part Six .. 3 minutes 49

Part Seven .. 3 minutes 14


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  1. Having listened in absolute dismay to this pair of weak minded, rabble – rousers talking absolute nonsense, I can say without hesitation that neither of them would survive a genuine political contest. Isn’t that reassuring?.

    Editor / John Hay

    Posted by John | January 15, 2010, 11:16 am