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The American Promise / video 2 min 43

Telling Thoughts

The American Promise

A snapshot of Barack Obama throughout the journey over the past 18 months relating his vision for America. It is quite uplifting and includes footage from Senator Obama’s Democratic Party nomination acceptance speech at Invesco Field stadium in Denver Colorado.



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  1. John:

    This video is sheer brilliance!

    How aptly are these words by George Michael from his song ‘YOU HAVE BEEN LOVED’: “If I was weak, forgive me, I was terrified
    You brushed my eyes with Angel’s wings full of love – the kind that makes devils cry”.

    Even the most hardened Republican must feel a stirring in the deepest recesses of his/her mind of that promise, yes, THAT ONE! If not, then their interior darkness has consumed them so much so that indeed there’s no living hope to speak of.

    However, we, the majority with decency and respect will march into the future Aflame – and, “Hold firmly without wavering to the HOPE that we confess.”

    *V=Victory Nov 5 *OBAMA/BIDEN 2008*

    Posted by Chi Deva | October 10, 2008, 5:59 pm
  2. This is so beautiful. What a blessing God has sent us in Barack.

    Posted by Janet | October 11, 2008, 7:16 am
  3. Just exactly what the doctor ordered after being mired in the negative spew from the other side all week. I’ll be darned if I didn’t well up just now. God, I needed that! Thanks!
    Power to the People, Obama/Biden ’08 and may we be profoundly inspired by this man and this moment for generations to come!

    Posted by JuliaH | October 11, 2008, 8:02 am