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Thank You Obama Supporters!

 **The Power of One** ..The Obama story everyone loves…

Obama supporters have enthusiastically endorsed my profile of Barack Obama ** The Power of One ** with touching words of heartfelt appreciation. In first setting out my views and justification for supporting Barack, I appear to have simply reflected the deep personal feelings and reasons why so many people in the United States and from around the World, support Senator Obama’s election as the 44th President of the United States of America.

My sincere thanks..JH
…. Listen to what you are saying:

** I can barely write because my heart is full, my tears free flowing, and the very depth of my soul is touched! What an awesome piece..both the written word and the media expression. It needs to play in Denver at the Democratic National Convention. I will replay it many times and share it with as many others. Thank you for your tremendous contribution to this cause! Posted by Robbie of Maryland | February 17, 2008, 5:02pm

** This was such a wonderful piece. I wish the world could see it. I hope the world will see it, eventually. This is a tough road, with the candidates so close, but I hope soon Barack will prevail and the support from everywhere will come flooding in. It’s an important time in our world, in our country, too important for anyone else to lead our country other than Barack. Thank you John for your post, the video, I am here in Washington, DC with tears rolling down my face. This summed up what my heart feels entirely. Posted by Jennifer April 5, 2008, 8:24 pm


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  1. Dear John Hay ~

    Thank you for your deeply moving letter and video, which I first found, via Barack Obama’s site. What I wrote on the YouTube site was:

    “lizziecohen (29 seconds ago)

    At 63, I’ve watched our country’s loss of HOPE, as John F. Kennedy, Jr.; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Robert F. Kennedy; and John Lennon were all assassinated. Through Barack Obama, I see that HOPE can live again in the United States, and that it can be the life-giving force it has always been known to be. We can find our powerful voice, again, with positive action throughout the world. Thank you for this profound and beautiful video. It impacts the heart and touches the soul.”


    I’ve also posted what you wrote, with the link to the video, on the Leonard Cohen Forum and on the Anjani Thomas Forum.

    This is such a deeply moving combination of words, visuals, and sound. You’ve expressed so much of what I would have, if I only knew how. Thank you.

    ~ Lizzy/Elizabeth

    Posted by Elizabeth Bacon-Smith | April 9, 2008, 11:20 am