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Still trying to change rules / Clinton

Clinton’s Faltering Case for Staying In

 Excerpt from Time

Can you imagine Hillary Clinton actually giving up her quest for the presidency? Anyone who heard her proclaim “full-speed onto the White House” on Tuesday night and back that up with her declaration Wednesday that “I’m staying in this race until there’s a nominee” will find it difficult to visualize what a Clinton concession would look like. She and her husband have been the Democratic establishment for the past 16 years and they have not conceded defeat since he lost the Arkansas governorship in 1980. And she has so recently found an effective political voice, sounding a populist trumpet throughout Pennsylvania and Indiana with an energy that seems inversely related to the health of the economy.

It’s hard to admit defeat when you are constantly trying to change the rules of the game. Over the tough weeks of the primary process, Clinton’s campaign has managed to make over setbacks and alter the parameters of victory, if not make a run at the rules defining victory itself. When winning the nomination proved to be mathematically impossible, the Clintons made much of the media take seriously the notion that what was more important was surviving until the final round and then prevailing in a winner-take-all vote decided by the people of South Dakota and Montana. (Or, failing that, superdelegates.)

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