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Some Days are Diamonds! Go Obama


A Message from John Hay

 In view of the historic effort of Senator Barack Obama in North Carolina and Indiana today, I thought I would share with you the few words I placed on the official Obama site.

But first..

It now appears Hillary Clinton may take Indiana by around one percent. Final figures will take time.  One thing though is for certain – the Clinton campaign is now in flames. The Superdelegates need to arrive with their vote firetrucks as soon as possible to extinguish the debris. The Clinton bid is ded -dead.

It would then make a lot of sense for Barack to take two weeks off to rest and refresh to allow him to concentrate on John McCain as early as possible, full steam ahead. To begin phase two, I would start by having Barack visit the balance of the uncontested states to say “I care about you” and bring them into the fold along with the Hillary supporters. Fire e’m up and get them ready to go for the general election!

Thank you for visiting Telling Thoughts.. these are but a few of mine.


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Dear Obama Friends

You all deserve a great big pat on the back. It only goes to prove “When the going gets tough – the tough get going”. And that Obama friends is you.

It is pleasing to see the way you help and encourage each other and in so doing engender confidence and belief in others.

Now from tonight you can also count on the additional firepower of all of the new voters of North Carolina and Indiana, and the Obama movement just keeps on keeping on.

Some “cult” in your words Bob Dole!  Some effort in our words, Barack and the Obama team!

Some days are “Diamonds” Obama friends! .. This truly is ” The Power of One” http://www.tellingthoughts.com/us-politics/the-power-of-one 

Best Wishes


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