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Reuters reports Obama open to Clinton VP

Obama open to Clinton as possible running mate

Thu May 8, 2008 7:38pm EDT



WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrat Barack Obama on Thursday did not rule out selecting rival Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential running mate if he ultimately defeats her in a race in which he has an almost insurmountable lead.

“There’s no doubt that she’s qualified to be vice president, there’s no doubt she’s qualified to be president,” Obama told NBC News.

In a CNN interview, he said he had not wrapped up the Democratic presidential nomination, but when he does, he will start going through the process of selecting a running mate.

“She is tireless, she is smart. She is capable. And so obviously she’d be on anybody’s short list to be a potential vice presidential candidate,” said Obama, who inched closer to winning the nomination by routing Clinton in North Carolina and almost defeating her in Indiana on Tuesday.  Reuters complete story link


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