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Republican Mischief Makers

Milwaukie talk radio host Victoria Taft (rhymes with daft) clearly believes John McCain is incapable of holding out against Barack Obama in the general election for President of the United States. In a patently transparent plea she and her Oregon supporters are trying the old blind play in encouraging a vote for Hillary Clinton.  Typically machievellian.  So out of date – Pity the people of Oregon. JH.

…. PORTLAND, Oregon. (AP). Talk Radio Hostess, Victoria Taft, asks her listeners to consider temporarily switching their party affiliation in order to vote for New York Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Oregon Primary, as she broadcasts from her KPAM studio in Milwaukie.

Taft, a familiar Republican voice in the Democratic-leaning Pacific Northwest, said that even in her wildest dreams she never imagined urging her listeners to vote for Clinton. But these days, she is firmly on the New York senator’s bandwagon, along with national conservative talk radio heavyweights like Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham.

“I want to vet (Illinois Senator) Barack Obama more than Hillary,” said Taft, whose daily program during prime evening drive-time reaches about 30,000 people. “We know what she is all about, but we don’t know a stinking thing about him.”



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