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Racist Republican AD / Unbelievable

NJ: GOP web site – ‘Obama loves America like OJ loved Nicole?’

by: Pam Spaulding

Wed Jul 09, 2008 at 15:00:00 PM EDT

Thank goodness for the folks at Blue Jersey, who did a screen cap of this bit of good taste in race relations before someone at the Pemberton and Burlington County GOP decided to do a little scrubbing of its web site. Jason Springer of Blue Jersey: 
Ah, what a tasteful municipal party message.  Do you notice the creative graphic, “Obama loves America like OJ loved Nicole?”   Now they can’t say they just put it up there because there is a little note that the last time the page was updated was June 24, meaning this was up on their site for at least two weeks.  Well Burlington County Democratic Chairman Rick Perr called them out on their blatant hate and magically, the graphic is gone…Now I don’t want to hear it’s only about redneck bigots in the South engaging in this garbage. I lived in NYC, and bottom-feeders of this kind can be found all over this country — only the regional accents differ when it comes to low-class, low-rent ignorant bile.  
Pam Spaulding :: NJ: GOP web site – ‘Obama loves America like OJ loved Nicole?’

A Telling Thoughts comment
This is a sample of Republican democracy and fair play? They obviously have little confidence in John McCain. I am pleased Pam Spaulding found this. Well done Pam.


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