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“Public Option” A Must from Day One / Email K Luskin

Telling Thoughts

This email from Ken Luskin clearly demonstrates why a “Healthcare Public Option”  must be an essential feature of any new operative Healthcare Bill.

This was my response .

“Absolutely right Ken. Only an unemcumbered ( no trigger provisions ) government provided “Public Option” instituted as an integral part of any proposed new bill has the capacity to lower the cost of Healthcare, expand total coverage, and provide Americans with affordable choice via real competition. A Public Option from day one is mandatory for all of the important reasons you espoused so well”.

You tell em champ!



Copy of an Email today to David Axlerod
from Ken Luskin  via San Francisco for Obama group

David, If a public option is not available at the time when insurance companies can no longer discriminate, then insurance premiums will skyrocket.   Insurance companies will do what  companies do when their costs rise, they will raise their prices.  Therefore there MUST be a public option available IMMEDIATELY at the time that insurance companies can no longer discriminate. 

This is ECON 101!  If this bill forces up insurance rates because there is no public option to offset the greedy insurance companies, then this legislation will be seen as BAD by most Americans.  Please explain to me HOW raising the costs of doing business for the insurance companies will  not result in  vastly increased rates?  

When a company operates as a monopoly-  as many insurance companies do in many markets, they will automatically raise their prices when their costs go up.   Bottom line, if insurance rates go up because there is no public option , then most Americans will be very upset and vote
against Democrats in the mid term elections……Is this what you want to happen?  

You simply cannot raise the costs of insurance companies today –  but not provide an alternative for 3 years, without seeing rates skyrocket.  If there is not a robust public option available immediately upon the bill being signed into law, then insurance rates will skyrocket.  When this happens, there will be NO more legislation that the blue dogs will support.  

The administration  and Congress need some rudimentary economics lessons because they seem to have lots of legal skills and a practically zero understanding of economics.  What will happen if health insurance rates skyrocket upon passing of the bill?   Has anyone even though about this? 

This reminds of me what is going on in Afghanistan …. support is evaporating because of bad policies.  Jamming through health insurance reforms without controlling costs will result in a political disaster for the democrats.  I hear ZERO discussion of this!  The trigger thing is a disaster!  The trigger will result in a bullet to the heads of democrats.  Most of the nation is concerned about the COST of health care!   Outlawing insurance discrimination without the immediate availability of a public option will send costs  HIGHER! 

 This will be an economic disaster, not to mention a political one for the Democrats.   If you want to force insurance rates HIGHER than not having the immediate availability of a public option is the way to go.  If you want to destroy the democratic party then not having immediate availability of a public option is the way to go.  

What exactly do you want? 

Thank you, Ken Luskin 310-701-1272
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  1. If the government just backstopped individual claims and opened a sliding scale tier in Medicaid wouldn’t that both insulate insurance companies and insure the working poor???

    We don’t need any new “public option” when an old one will du.

    Posted by Ulysses Benjamin Dover | November 3, 2009, 10:34 am