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Pressure on Superdelegates

Reid, Pelosi Talk Tough to Superdelegates  

 (newser) – Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Howard Dean plan to coordinate demands that uncommitted Democratic superdelegates endorse a candidate—and well before August’s convention. Senate Majority Leader Reid said yesterday that “this matter will be over no later than July 1,” Congressional Quarterly reports. House Speaker Pelosi added that the party’s nominee needs to start the general-election battle before August.

“There’s too short a time” between the convention and Election Day, Pelosi told CNN’s Larry King. She also said she doesn’t think Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton should be conscripted to a dream ticket by party elders—noting, “there’s plenty of talent to go around.” Reid, meanwhile, let it be known he’s tracking which superdelegates have yet to pick a horse.


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