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President Obama’s Address on Healthcare / Video

Telling Thoughts

On Wednesday 9th September 2009, President Obama delivered his address on the need for major Healthcare reform to a joint sitting of Congress in Washington DC.

Interviewed on television on the same day, the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Baucus, Dem. Montana, stated publicly that he did not believe that a Bill which included a Public Option could pass in the Senate.  He is known to support the concept of using cooperatives instead.

Republican Senator Olympia Snowe, Maine,  is reported to favour the use of a trigger to activate a Public Option after a three year interval, if deemed necessary. 

Such contributions are worthless. The President will have to make up his own mind soon and be prepared to fight for his preferred model, and sell it to the American people.


President Obama’s Address on Healthcare to Congress 46 min 45


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