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President Obama ‘State of the Union’ 2012

Telling Thoughts

President Barack Obama delivering the ‘State of the Union’ address to a joint sitting of Congress on Tuesday 24th January 2012. In the  address the President lays down the platform for his administration immediately, and in the longer term should he be re-elected for a second term in November this year.

He was clear, he was concise and the gloves were off.  Mr Obama made no bones about the fact that with or without Congress acting in support,  he was  prepared to use his position to achieve important goals in America’s interests. He did seek greater cooperation from Congress but it is unlikely that the GOP is interested in making life easier for him.

Mitch McConnell the minority party GOP leader in the Senate, has publicly declared that his priority was to make sure that the President would only serve one term in office. However should Mr Obama be re-elected I believe he will treat that as a mandate to pursue his goals relentlessly in spite of the Republican opposition.


The 2012 State of the Union Address ..


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