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Postcard 4 from Puerto Rico / Eva Ramos

Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2008 18:57:07
To:”Texas For Obama” <TexasforObama@groups.barackobama.com>

Subject: El Dia de Elecciones — Election Day in Puerto Rico

Very quickly…

I’m standing outside a polling place. No volunteers from either campaign are allowed near the polls. Porque me permitieron estar aqui? (Why am I permitted to be here?) I’m came with my friend who is a lawyer (licenciado) here in San Juan, and I’m not wearing any Obama gear (which is not allowed even outside the polls). We’re at a school in his neighborhood.

While I’m containing my excitement, all voters passing by are acting like business as usual. No press is allowed near the polls, and the local parties (PPD and NPP) are manning the polls.

Wow — because I’m with a lawyer (and I’m a lawyer myself), I was just allowed to step inside the polls briefly to observe a sample ballot: Hillary was on the left side, Barack on the right, with photos of each candidate above their names. The polling booths were made of card board. And the ballots are paper ballots, cast by hand, in ink — no butterfly ballot issues here!

Polls close at 3pm. Therefore, my amigo Federico says the results should be in by 7pm.
Stay tuned for a post-returns report. I may not post until late tonight, as I’m joining hundreds of Obama amigos in Isla Verde near the playa (beach) in San Juan at una fiesta “vela de resultados de los elecciones” (election returns watch party). And regardless of the results, the fiesta is expected to last late into the evening — si, como, no (but of course)!

Si podemos!

Visit my delegate web site: www.evaramos.com <http://www.evaramos.com/>  *New pics with Senator Tom Daschle and Congressman Lloyd Doggett & new blogs on web site.

Eva Ramos


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