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Once More up to the Breach / A Healthcare Comment

A Telling Thoughts Comment

After having failed to take charge of the healthcare agenda from the start, this new president has one last chance to achieve a positive result in this critical policy area.  To date though, he has failed to accept that bi – partisanship is less important than the delivery of quality legislation. The real concern now among Obama supporters  is that Mr Obama will most likely settle for much less than the American people really need.

This may be convenient politics in view of his falling poll numbers, but it is poor governance, and will not gain much support from Independents. The group who mostly decide elections.  The actions of recalcitrant Blue Dog democrats placed him in this position, not Republicans. Now only Democrats can repair the damage by passing a quality Bill, via reconciliation — as did the GOP on 4 specific occasions during the G W Bush administration terms. Preferably a Bill which contains a Public Option, includes National Exchanges and which approves the Import of generic drugs to lower costs, and provide competition in the healthcare market place.

Let us hope Obama sees the light and seizes the day –  it could be the making of his presidency,



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