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Obama: Voters don’t want Drama

Obama: Voters Don’t Want Drama

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INDIANAPOLIS – Senator Barack Obama stood before dozens of his biggest contributors here today at a meeting of his national finance committee to outline the state of his candidacy as the Democratic nominating contest enters a final month of primaries.

Like all meetings with donors, the meeting on the 8th floor of a downtown Indianapolis office building was a private session. The group heard an update on April fundraising numbers from Penny Pritzker, the chairwoman of Mr. Obama’s national finance committee, as well as a report on Tuesday’s contests in Indiana and North Carolina.

For the contributors, many of whom flew here from across the country, it was a regular gathering. What was unusual, though, was that it was held directly down the hallway from where reporters were waiting for Mr. Obama to hold a morning news conference.

As Mr. Obama acknowledged to his contributors behind closed doors, and later as he spoke before the cameras, the campaign has been riding through a challenging stretch. First, a loss in Pennsylvania, which was anticipated, followed by an unusually personal episode with his former pastor, which was not anticipated. Link to full New York Times story>>>


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