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Obama / Streets Ahead / A Photo

Telling Thoughts

This photo is typical of a scene that has been played out by hundreds of thousands of volunteers, in fair weather and in foul, every day, in every town and in every city across the United States, during the past 10 months. And it continues in these final days.

Of the millions of wonderful photos taken throughout the campaign, this one caught my eye for its unadulterated depiction of what actually transpires at the grass roots level in just one area of volunteering activities. Candidate ID and message visibility. Street corner campaigning for the passing parade.

Being an Australian I have no idea as to which city this is, but some other important things stand out. The location’s name – 1st St – as seen on the street sign. Perhaps that’s an omen? The smiles on the Obama supporter’s faces as they proudly hold up their signs, and the obvious pride they express in supporting something they believe in. It shows.

Finally the diversity in race and age groups of these fans working together. Not to mention the trolley bus in the background. Does that give anyone a clue to the location?

I also like this photo is because one sign begins a visual sequence with – Stand for Change – followed by messages reading – Obama – Vote Obama today – Si Se Puede Obama.  All brief messages to get across to the passing traffic, using old fashioned “People Power”.

With this type of support Barack must be, “Streets Ahead”

Go Obama /Biden.. Yes we can



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