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Obama says Voters want honesty

Apr 26, 2:40 PM EDT

Obama says Voter seek straight talk and honesty

MARION, Ind. (AP) — Democrat Barack Obama argued Saturday that voters are yearning for “straight talk and honesty” as he sought distinctions with rival Hillary Rodham Clinton just nine days before the next round of primaries in the hotly contested race for the presidential nomination.

Just 40 miles away in Fort Wayne, Clinton trotted out popular Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh and hammered bedrock economic themes, saying an industrial comeback is possible with the right policies.

“We can do that again, but we need, as Senator Bayh said, a president who doesn’t just talk about it but who actually rolls up her sleeves and gets to work,” said Clinton.

The two were stumping in the heart of Republican territory in Indiana, and Obama borrowed a line from Republican John McCain, who campaigns in his “straight talk express.”

“I was convinced that the American people were tired of the politics that’s all about tearing each other down. The American people were tired of spin and PR, they wanted straight talk and honesty from their elected officials,” said Obama.

Seeking his own tie to state politics and working to put himself above traditional party lines, the Democrat praised Sen. Richard Lugar, a Republican icon in Indiana, as he opened his campaign day with a town hall-style meeting before about 2,000 backers.

“Dick Lugar and I have worked together closely. I consider him a friend and I think he is one of the finest senators that we have,” said Obama.

Obama was swinging through Indiana industrial bastions Marion and Anderson, sounding core economic themes, and pledging to offer voters a message that transcends traditional party lines, arguing that motivated his bid for the nomination.


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