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Obama Juggernaut ready to crush McCain

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Barack Obama Juggernaut Will Crush John McCain – Telegraph

Although publicly heaping praise on Hillary Clinton, Mr Obama’s Democratic rival, and carefully avoiding putting pressure on her to drop out before the final states vote on June 3rd, the Illinois senator’s staff is impatient to launch a full-scale offensive against Mr McCain. Mr Obama has quietly begun to take over the Democratic party. But they believe that the ferocious fight Mrs Clinton has put up has helped them build an organization of unprecedented strength.

“I don’t think John McCain realizes what he’s in for,” said one adviser. “We’ve created a juggernaut,” said another, “and it’s going to overwhelm him.”

Joe Trippi, a Democratic consultant who pioneered some of the successful grassroots and internet techniques when he ran Howard Dean’s campaign in 2004, said that John McCain is already in “deep, deep trouble” because of a poor organization and an anaemic fundraising total of about a fifth of the $500 million raised by Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton. They cite their internet fundraising operation, the grassroots organizing network that secured victory over Mrs Clinton by winning a series of caucus states and hundreds of thousands of idealistic young volunteers as crucial advantages over Mr McCain.

Mr Obama’s campaign team has been remarkably stable with his inner circle of Mr Axelrod, Mr Gibbs, David Plouffe, the campaign manager, and others remaining unchanged. In contrast, Mr McCain has sacked or lost a string of senior aides, when his campaign ran out of money and virtually collapsed last July and again this month when at least five advisers left because of conflicts over their lobbying for businesses and foreign governments.

Mr Trippi said: “Obama has been battered, beaten, screamed at, yelled at, kicked and – nothing, totally unflappable, his staff’s unflappable, no schisms. McCain has imploded twice. So you have to have more confidence in Obama’s ability to put a team together and keep it together.”  Link to Empower Tube original article>>

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