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Obama & Clinton – Economic Issues IA

Obama, Clinton Stress Economic Issues Campaigning in Indiana
By Catherine Dodge and Karen Leigh

April 26 (Bloomberg) — Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, campaigning in Indiana, put their focus on the economic concerns of job losses and the rising cost of health-care, education and gasoline as they tried to appeal to middle-class voters.

“I looked around the country and in too many communities what I saw were people who had been forgotten,” Obama told supporters at a rally at Marion High School in Marion, Indiana, today. “People are working harder and harder just to get by.”

Obama, 46, criticized the economic policies of the Bush administration, saying that during the past seven years middle- class workers have been getting “nothing” while the wealthiest Americans are getting tax breaks.

Obama, the senator from neighboring Illinois, is seeking to halt any momentum gained by rival Clinton with her 10-point victory in Pennsylvania’s April 22 Democratic primary, where she did well with blue-collar workers. Polls show the two almost even ahead of Indiana’s May 6 primary, which is among the nine remaining contests for the Democratic nomination for president.

New York Senator Clinton, 60, trails Obama in the delegate count that will determine the Democratic nominee and in the popular vote.

“I’ve gone across Indiana saying that my campaign is about jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs,” Clinton told supporters at an outdoor rally in Fort Wayne, Indiana, this morning. “We have to get back to producing good jobs in America again,” that will enable people to afford homes and keep them and have health-care coverage.


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