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My Holiday with McCain / Progress Updates

Telling Thoughts

These are the latest updates on my efforts to establish the facts as to whether the now admitted author is serious about going to the mainstream media with her letter titled, ” My Holiday with McCain”. Or whether it may be a work of fiction.

I invite anyone who can make contact with the award winning journalist, Michael Leahy at the Washington Post to have him email me about the matter described below, at john@tellingthoughts.com .


Update No One — posted 9 /10 – I was emailed a phone number to call on 23 rd September,and on calling the number I spoke to a woman who identified herself as Anasuya Dubey. Ana claimed she was the author of My Holiday with McCain and that she had kept a journal which noted the contents of her letter and her experience with McCain in Fiji. She informed me that she had been approached by a number of members of the media including Barbara Walters, but had decided only at that stage to give the story to a female journalist at The New Yorker magazine. According to Ana, the magazine declined to run the story after it was written. Ana maintained that the story could be corroborated and that it was likely to be published in about a week’s time in The Washington Post. When I inquired of her again on 3rd October by email, Ana said that Michael Leahy a leading Journalist from the Washington Post was interviewing her husband that day and that – quote ” it seems highly likely that the Post will run a story sometime next week on the basis of my story. I will send you an email once he tells me exactly when a story is going into their paper”. end of quote.


Update No Two — posted 9/10 – On 6th October I phoned Ana again in America and left a message inquiring about progress with the Post. I also indicated that I had left a message on Michael Leahy’s answering machine at the Washington Post requesting he either ring or email me to confirm that he was talking to you. I said that I had not heard from Mr Leahy by either phone or email since making the call. In my message to Ana, I said that unless I heard from her within 24 hours I would have no choice but to assume the letter was part of an elaborate hoax etc. I recelved her emailed reply a few hours later. It read – quote:

Dear John,– “I understand your need to hear that the story that my husband and I are telling is not a hoax (and we assure you it is not!).  We are trying to have it corroborated by a major newspaper and all this is taking more time and energy than we anticipated.  Newspapers have there own individual thresholds to meet — I believe we will hear definitely from the paper we are working with this week as to whether their findings on our story meet their threshold to publish a version if it. Naturally, I will respect whatever you need to do for your blog and it’s efforts”. — Thank you for your patience. — Anasuya


Update No Three — posted 9/10 – Later that day on the 6th October I sent this email reply to Ana. quote–
Dear Ana
.. I will wait a few more days before doing anything on this matter. But I do need something more concrete than email assurances. Best Wishes – John 


Link to My Holiday with McCain ..  This story can be found in the side menus of either World Issues or US Politics, dated 16th September 2008.


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  1. Just curious, why are you pressuring her? I’m sure she has enough pressure on her as it is, as she’s made the decision to put her name out there to the national media. We all just have to wait and see if the story get published in the post or not.

    It’s looking more and more like Obama will win without this. And with the damning results of troopergate now out, it’s not getting any better for McCain.

    I personally think Ana should call Barbara Walters and go on the View. I’d like to hear what Mrs. Hasselbeck would have to say about the whole thing. Oh wait, all she can talk about is Bill Ayers.

    After talking with Ana, aren’t you now convinced it’s a true story? I am.

    Posted by Concerned | October 11, 2008, 12:15 pm