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May 31st Deadline Call on Superdelegates

The Huffington Post

Miles Mogulescu 

Posted May 27, 2008 | 04:23 AM (EST)

A Message to Uncommitted Superdelegates:
You Must Commit this Week
Or Risk a McCain Presidency!

Dear Uncommitted Superdelegates:

Time’s Up. Game Over. Point, Set, Match.

You may have hoped that you could wait to commit until you could simply ratify a majority already in place and thus avoid pissing off the Clintons or their supporters among your constituents. It’s now too late for that. If you don’t declare yourself this coming week, before the Rules and Bylaws Committee meets on Saturday, May 31 to resolve the Florida and Michigan situation, you risk Clinton further challenging any compromise for three more months right up until the Denver Convention, and there being no presumptive Democratic nominee through the summer. The likelihood, then, is a McCain Presidency, a divided Democratic Party, and even more harm to your political career than if you acted now.

Until recently, there was hope that a May 31st compromise on the Florida and Michigan delegations would resolve that unfortunate situation once and for all–seat half of those delegates, seat all of them but give them each half a vote, and/or apportion a reasonable number of Michigan delegates to Obama (many of whose supporters voted “uncommitted” after he joined most other Democratic candidates in taking their names off the Michigan ballot).

Hillary Clinton now seems to be taking the option of a compromise off the table. Clinton and campaign operatives like Howard Wolfson and Terry McAuliffe are sending signals that Hillary will accept nothing less than seating the full Florida and Michigan delegations as elected (including allocating zero delegates from Michigan to Obama). If the Rules and Bylaws Committee does anything less on May 31st, the Clinton campaign is strongly suggesting that it will not accept the results, will take their challenge to the Credentials Committee which meets on June 29, and if still not satisfied, will continue the challenge Obama’s nomination all the way to the Convention at the end of August where it will try to fight a Florida/Michigan compromise from the floor. Link to complete Huff Post story>>.


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