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Magnificent Midler / Pre Inauguration Inspiration

Telling Thoughts

As America counts down the final 7 days towards the Inauguration of its 44th President, the time is right to delight in the musical genius of Obama supporter Bette Midler, to share her inspirational vocal gifts with yourself and all Obama supporters, who  believed in the need for hope and change in this troubled, yet wonderful world we share.

Why not take a few moments to join “Ms M” and let her transport your memories on a musically magnificent, magic carpet ride as you reflect on the events which led to, and continue to shape this exciting and long awaited new chapter in American history.

Go Obama Yes we can

Best Wishes


Wind Beneath My Wings 

A Prayer For America -Yankee Stadium – New York City 

September 23rd 2001 only 12 days after the attacks of 9/11 .. 6 mins 08

From A Distance .. 5 mins 20

My One True Friend 1998 .. (final scene, elephants never forget) .. 3 mins 46


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