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Letterman Hammers McCain Again / Video – 8 min 48

 Telling Thoughts comment:

This is another withering attack on the Thursday show in a very well written script about John McCain’s farcical act about not being available to meet his commitment to appear on the show on the previous night. The excuse from McCain being that he had to urgently attend to important matters dealing with the economic crisis. All of which were proved to be political grandstanding and untrue. All he McCain did was go to CBS studios to have an interview with Katie Couric after which he went on to the Bill Clinton meeting where Clinton heaped praise on him.



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  1. Good for Letterman for hammering on this subject, calling our attention to the “crisis politics” staged by the Republicans and McCain’s obvious political ploy. The guy is downright convulsive! What next? Check out this link from Down With Tyranny:


    Posted by JuliaH | September 27, 2008, 6:21 am