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Latest JIB JAB Video “Time for Some Campaignin” / It’s great!


Time for Some Campaignin / Latest musical video production / It’s great

They’re a downright rarity, but JibJab animations are treasured by millions when they hit the Web. The ode to 2004’s US presidential election, “This Land is Your Land” (view below), is said to have garnered some 80 million views prior to the official vote in November.

Now there’s a new two-minute clip to enjoy for 2008, called “Time for Some Campaignin’,” based on the Bob Dylan song “The times they are a-changin’.” Does it best its predecessor of four years past?

The brothers Spiridellis, who head the 35-man JibJab operation, think not, but with a little help from a much more socially networked online space this time around, a new record for the company may be set for the fall season.

Link to the latest video ” Time for Some Campaignin” at the Jib Jab site


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