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Kennedy Family Members Incensed by Clinton




Hillary Clinton
Hill:  We Remember When RFK Was Assassinated
Clinton cites the Bobby Kennedy assassination while defending her long-running campaign.
May 25, 2008 —

Members of the Kennedy family are incensed over Hillary Rodham Clinton’s invoking the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy to explain why she’s staying in the race – and they think it could be the death knell of an increasingly desperate and sloppy campaign.

“That comment may be the last nail in her campaign’s coffin,” a Kennedy relative told The Post. “How can Hillary even use the experience argument when she repeatedly pushes the wrong buttons in her comments?”

An insider added, “I think people really felt that a line was crossed and that her campaign – and even her legitimacy as a politician – ended today.”

Said a second relative, “She no longer has only her husband to blame for the ill-chosen comments coming from her camp.”

While Robert Kennedy Jr. immediately came out in support of Sen. Clinton on Friday, others in the family’s inner circle are fuming.

One cited “a perceived insensitivity” in her comment, made Friday before a South Dakota newspaper’s editorial board, especially with the 40th anniversary of RFK’s death two weeks away and Sen. Ted Kennedy battling a brain tumor.

“We were all sort of dumbfounded that she would say such a thing,” the insider said.

There was also anger outside the family. Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), a Hillary supporter, told Bloomberg News that she said “the dumbest thing you could have possibly said.” And the Rev. Al Sharpton ripped the comment as dangerous.

The Kennedy family insider added: “I know that many Clinton supporters in New York and New Jersey are sickened by her comments and that they are more concerned with Senator Kennedy’s health and well-being than they are her campaign anymore.

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  1. I think the entire Senate and DNC, should shut the Clintons down completely, after this extremely insensitive and deliberate remark, that was made soley as yet another way to promote Hillary.

    This has just got to stop. The Clintons are going out of their way to push this country back, and prevent the Democrats from winning the election.

    Right-wing extremist radio and T.V., such as Limbaugh and Fox, need to be shut down, as well. They are destroying free speech in America.

    Posted by Rosaria | May 27, 2008, 4:20 am