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Infrastructure Projects & Jobs On the Way

Telling Thoughts

Watching the President’s State of the Union address today I was reminded of an article I wrote in August 2008 about America’s run down transportation systems and infrastructure.  It was titled Time to Think Big Again / C’mon USA.

The first paragraph began ..

“Where has the US leads the way spirit of the 1960’s America gone? The we can do anything attitude that made America the envy of the world? The smiling faces, the confident walk, the pride in one’s country. An America which demanded, sought and sweated for a better life and achieved it with one income per family in record time, after the horrors and sacrifices of World War two”.

As we heard in the President’s address, he is traveling to Florida on Thursday to launch a high speed train project, and the good news is that more of these projects are in the pipeline.  Take for example, today’s announcement in the LA Times. ” California will receive $2.25 billion, the largest amount for any state, in federal economic stimulus funds to develop a high-speed rail line running from Anaheim to San Francisco”.

This is a good start Mr President,



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