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Telling Thoughts

Article: Hillary Clinton says Parliamentary Election in Russia was Rigged / Huffington Post / 6th December 2011

Excerpt. VILNIUS, Lithuania — Issuing new warnings to two U.S. partners Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton criticized Russia for a parliamentary election she said was rigged.

Telling Thoughts Comment

Hillary Clinton’s blurting suspicions of Russian electoral fraud could hardly be regarded as the act of a sage diplomat. What is to be gained by megaphoning the world to let us know (what we already know) that Vladimir Putin and his cronies are a bunch of crooks?

The United States  has to deal with government­s they don’t necessarily like every day of the week. Dealing with Russia is no exception. Diplomacy demands patience and intelligen­ce, not acts of belligeren­ce from an amateur and opinionate­d, ex politician­.

President Obama is unlikely to be  impressed by this performance from the current head of the US State Department.
Fortunately Ms Clinton will not be acting in this role after 2012.


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