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Hillary Worth $31 million? / Telling Thoughts Comment

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Hillary Clinton is worth $31 million according a report issued by Open Secrets.org which calculated White House cabinet members’ personal worth.

Telling Thoughts Comment

However this revealing 2008 article, “For Clinton, Millions in Debt and Few Options” published in the New York Times on 10th June 2008 tells a different story. It states that at the close of her campaign in 2008, Ms Clinton’s campaign debt was the largest recorded campaign debt  in history.

Excerpt: ” Besides the $11.4 million of her own money that Mrs. Clinton lent her campaign, she had about $9.5 million in unpaid bills to vendors at the end of April, according to her most recent filing with the Federal Election Commission“.

In the interests of transparency, the question is; “Where did all this extra Clinton money come from?”



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