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Hillary, Hillary, Hillary / Andy Ostroy / Open Letter

The Huffington Post

Andy Ostroy

Posted May 27, 2008 | 01:08 PM (EST)

Dear Hillary:
What happened? No really, what the fuck just happened to you? I can’t for the life of me figure out how a once-promising presidential campaign — a sure thing for Pete’s sake — turned into a pathetic embarrassment? You’ve had such a head start in this quest to occupy the Oval Office. I mean, literally, you and Bill have been planning it since at least January 1993 when he became president. Was there a more plausible, natural, inevitable scenario than you following in his larger-than-life footsteps? And Chelsea after you? The Clinton Dynasty. Has such a regal ring to it, doesn’t it?

But then 2008 rolled around and something terrible happened. Both you and Bill lost that famous mojo. It started in Iowa, where you were all but certain to win. Everyone, including yourself, anointed you the Queen of the Ball before the dance even began. And then you lost. Some inexperienced kid named Barack Obama came out of nowhere and stole your thunder. And then you sat down and cried. In front of the cameras, and the good folks of New Hampshire felt sorry and gave you their state. And just like that The Comeback Twins came back yet again. Never count out a Clinton, huh?. Ahh, but then came February. Damn February. The junior Senator from Illinois, that pesky Kid, won big on Super Tuesday — despite your pickups in NY, NJ, CA and a few others — and later in the month racked up an impressive string of eleven consecutive wins. Ouch. That’s when the chorus of “Hillary Should Quit” calls officially began. But you’d have nothing of the sort. This was a battle, and you were in it till then end. And we admired you for it.

March was much kinder to you, as was April and May. You won big key swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, and trounced The Kid in Appalachia. You even managed to obtain more delegates and popular votes in these three months than The Kid. But the “Hillary Should Quit” calls kept coming, weighing you down and casting an ominous cloud over your campaign. The endorsements kept going to Obama too (Richardson, Edwards, etc) and the superdelegates began to flow to your opponent in anything but a trickle, until he had more of them than you. Many even started to desert you, switching their allegiance. But you pressed on. Even with Bill out there accused of playing the race card and pissing off as many people as he once impressed, especially in the black community. To many, perhaps the “first black president” wasn’t so black after all.

Then there were the many boneheaded comments you made. You remember, like the time you basically said that while you and the GOP’s presumptive nominee, Sen. John McCain, were tough enough and experienced enough to be commander-in-chief, Obama merely had “a speech.” Didn’t you realize how that irresponsible blunder would come back to haunt the party in November? Or how about the one where you told everyone that the “hard-working whites” won’t vote for Obama. Honestly, Hill, with all those fancy degrees and years of elite lawyering, didn’t you realize that some things were meant to be privately thought but not publicly voiced? And so the “Hillary Should Quit” calls continued unabated. Yet we were still in your corner.

You vowed to stay in the race and fight until the very last American exercised his or her inalienable right to vote. You vowed to fight for women everywhere. To be a role model for young girls. To show them that women can be just as tough, just as resilient, just as determined, just as ambitious and just as successful as a man. Your campaign was no longer merely about becoming president. It became a lesson for the history books. A paradigm-changing feminist movement. And we applauded your determination and stuck by you.  Link to  complete Huffington Post article >>>


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