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Guam recount ‘Imminent’ – Democrat Nominating Committee

Officials Say Recount Is ‘Imminent’

9:30 a.m. Guam – The Democrat Party Nominating Committee said officials will look over the large amount of “spoiled ballots” in the coming days.At issue is the small margin of victory of Senator Barack Obama. He beat his rival, Senator Hillary Clinton by 7 votes, but well over 500 ballots were deemed invalid during the tabulation process.Herbie Perez, chairman of the nominating committee, said she will not certify the results because the Committee needs to ensure that all the uncounted ballots were properly identified as “spoiled.”

She said officials from the Party and representatives from both candidates will meet probably Monday or Tuesday to address that issue.

Perez revealed she is also looking into the missing ballots.

More than 8,100 were printed in response to reports of shortages at precinct sites. But when the final tally came in, only a little over 4,500 ballots were used. – Pacific News Center – Guam, Saipan, CNMI, Asia-Pacific  Link to Pacific News Center article above


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  1. Go figure!

    I suppose it’s no great surprise that Clinton would had to have the ballots recounted. What a collosal waste of time and money. This, after it took them an entire day to count them all.

    I hope it turns out that Obama is even more ahead in votes, if they work out the mysterious “spoiled ballots”. He was around 200 or more votes ahead, then suddenly he squeaks out a win by only seven votes. Seven votes is still a win!

    Indiana and N.C. have just got to pull through. This campaign has worked too long and too hard to stop now, and we will forge ahead!

    Posted by Cami | May 4, 2008, 3:08 pm
  2. I was keeping track of the Guam results this morning and Obama was comfortably ahead by 8 to 10 percent, with 63 percent votes counted. When I got home and turned on the TV to see the final results, I was shocked to see that he won by only 7 votes. So I am very interested in what happens with these ‘spoiled’ votes. After the 2000 FL vote/recount/re-recount, I thought we would avoid that kind of a situation. This is time consuming and expensive. Still, it makes sense that the issue has to be resolved before certifying the final vote. I would like to know exactly what happened.

    Posted by Vash | May 4, 2008, 4:57 pm