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Gingrich’s Hypocrisy & Greed / Telling Thoughts Comment

Telling Thoughts

Republican Ron Paul has launched a 2min 28 second Television advertisement attacking the hypocrisy of Newt Gingrich. It refers to Gingrich’s policy positions when in Government and his hypocrisy in adopting polar opposite positions when he was paid millions as a “hard core” lobbyist.

Ron Paul Campaign TV Advertisement 2min 28 secs

Telling Thoughts Comment

The advertisement is political dynamite due the credibility of its content. It shows Gingrich taking opposing positions on precisely the same issues – and all in his own words. Furthermore, it is important to remember that Gingrich was found culpable of serious ethics violations by the House ethics committee and the full House,which resulted in him have to pay $300,000 in fines. The committee, and the full House, found that as Speaker, Gingrich had brought discredit on the institution. Newt Gingrich resigned? from the House in 1998 – 3 days after being re-elected.



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