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From a Clinton Supporter – It’s Time to Concede

From a Clinton Supporter – It’s Time to Concede


Tue May 06, 2008 at 09:34:57 PM PDT

The results are still not in from Lake County, Indiana, but they hardly matter.  Whether Hillary Clinton wins Indiana by 2% or 1% or 1/2% or even if Obama squeaks out a victory it changes nothing.  Clinton has clearly lost the nomination tonight.  For her to have continued she needed a big win in Indiana and a close call in North Carolina.  Instead, it was the exact opposite.

It’s time for Al Gore and John Edwards to endorse Obama.  We really do not need to have additional primaries where Obama may lose and where media pundits will keep blathering about working class white voters.  It is time for Hillary to concede. Link to Daily Kos article.>>


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