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Former Australian PM an Embarassment / Telling Thoughts

Telling Thoughts

Sacked Australian Prime Minister John Howard has upset and embarassed Australians with his egotistical and rude behaviour in the United States in recent days. This Washington Post report explains ..

Blair House Mystery Solved: It’s John Howard
Washington Post / 6th January 2009
By Philip Rucker and Al Kamen

The veil is lifted. We now know who is booked at Blair House, kicking President-elect Barack Obama and his family to the waiting list and across Lafayette Park to the Hay-Adams Hotel.

The only overnight visitor at the presidential guest manse is none other than John Howard, a former Australian prime minister and leading member of President Bush’s coalition of the willing in Iraq.

AP: Blair and Uribe also were invited to stay at Blair House, but declined Bush’s invitation, a second White House official said today. Blair, who traditionally stays at the British Embassy, and Uribe apparently found other accommodations, said the second White House official, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity.


My Initial email Response to The WP Article

“As an ally of the United States Australia should have relied on and defended its own intelligence which indicated there was no firm evidence that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. Without that, no case to wage war against Iraq could seriously be made.

Saddam Hussein was effectively boxed in by America’s no fly zones and had become a prisoner in his own country.

The Australian people in no uncertain terms sacked John Howard and his government last November more over his decision to take Australia into Iraq than for any other reason. Now Geo W Bush is about to reward him with America’s Freedom Medal for this stupidity and Howard in accepting is displaying a great deal of hubris”.


My Comment posted later at the Washington Post

“As an avid Obama supporter and an Australian citizen I must apologise to the American people for the obnoxious and self serving behaviour of the former Australian Prime Minister and lackey of Geo W Bush – John W Howard.

The idea that Howard would even consider accepting the Medal of Freedom award for blindly following Bush into Iraq defies belief.

Add to that, the fact, that Howard will also be free loading in Blair House at some inconvenience to the President elect and his family, is unbelievable and quite unacceptable.

Last November the Australian people rewarded Howard in a different fashion. We voted to ensure his comprehensive defeat in his federal electorate seat of Bennelong and his  coalition’s loss of government”.

Go Obama Yes we can




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