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Eva Ramos / Texas Delegate Announcement

A Message from Eva Ramos

Texas is among the last states to conduct its state convention whereby individuals will be elected to serve pledged delegate positions at the National Democratic Convention — the number for which was determined by the results of the Texas March 4 primary and caucus.

At the Texas State Democratic Convention this Friday, June 7, each Senate District of Texas will elect a slate of National Delegates.  In my Senate District (Austin — SD 14), there are 313 Obama State Delegates, and 150+ of us are vying for one of 5 National Delegate slots.  Hence, the competition is extremely tough in Travis County Texas — the enthusiasm for our Democratic Party nominee is immense.  In a word, everyone wants to go to Denver to be a National Delegate for Barack Obama! 

Below is my announcement sent to 626+ Texas state delegates & alternates (elected & at large) for Barack Obama, requesting their support. It was forwarded to state delegates on June 2 — one day before the historic June 3 when our candidate finally clinched the nomination.

Wish me luck!

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Eva Ramos
Makes Things Happen…
Eva RamosFriends in SD 14!

Hello again from your fellow Obaman, Eva Ramos.  I am running for Obama National Delegate from SD 14I am a life-long Democrat, a true leader and vigorous and fervent supporter of Barack Obama.  For the last few months, I have been leading, organizing and working body and soul for Team Obama.  Most recently, I worked tirelessly to get out the vote in Puerto Rico — and I’m still catching my breath from that whirlwind effort!  Regardless of Hillary’s “symbolic victory” in that US territory, we stimulated real interest in Barack and yielded him 17 delegates closer to clinching the nomination – now within days, if not hours!

In the true spirit of a passionate, avid and dedicated Obaman, I am running to represent SD 14 at the National Convention.  I respectfully seek your vote, support and help to elect me as your Obama National Delegate at the State Convention. 

Vote 4Eva for Obama National Delegate from SD14!

Thank you! Si, se puede!  ¡Obámanos!

Eva Ramos

Visit my delegate web site: www.evaramos.com   *New pics of the hard work in Puerto Rico – click on Obama or Puerto Rico

Eva Ramos Makes Things Happen!


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