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Eva Ramos / Postcard from Puerto Rico

Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 15:40:45

Subject: FW: Another fun Dia in Puerto Rico!


I am having a blast aquí en Puerto Rico! Today, along with other Barack organizers, I canvassed in lovely (and muy caliente) Caguas. The best hot spot to canvas voters: Krispy Kreme!

The line of cars was over one dozen, who were waiting to purchase dozens of donuts. (I think Puerto Ricans like Krispy Kreme donuts even more than Texans, if that’s possible.)Many people I approached on the spot committed to vote for Barack on Sunday! (A few others shook their heads no, but with a smile.)

I walked to the nearby WalMart to buy bottled aqua for the canvassers, and along the way I took photos (fotos) of Barack Boricuas supporters. I hope to post these fotos on my web site befote I leave the isla, but may not be able to until I return to the mainland.

At this moment, I am at the busy HQ in San Juan along with numerous other volunteers from Puerto Rico and throughout the U.S. I am having some difficulty posting, but I still hope to be able to send more reports before I return home.

Barack will be back in Puerto Rico mañana!

¡Si, se puede! ¡Obámanos!

Eva Ramos

Visit my delegate web site: www.evaramos.com <http://www.evaramos.com/>  *New pics with Senator Tom Daschle and Congressman Lloyd Doggett & new blogs on web site.

Eva Ramos


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