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Editor’s email re Rev.Wright

A message from John Hay (editor)

Dear Visitor to Telling Thoughts.com 

Below is a shortened copy of my hurried reply to an email I received from one of my readers in North Carolina yesterday about Rev.Wright and his behaviour at the National Press Club.

Dear Barbara

I am delighted you sent me the New York Times reference to the Bob Herbert piece. Bob expressed my views and sentiments exactly about Wright’ intentions. I could not have written it better. Of course without a Clinton biased and corrupt media to fan this man’s egotistical flames no one would take any notice.

The plot is working perfectly for those who hatched it – The Clintons. It is Bill Clinton at his most machievellian. The Obama campaign are an untested and decent lot and haven’t really dealt with such worst case scenarios. I believe Barack has to make another statement and get rid of Wright publicly once and for all, to try to hang onto some very jittery white Indiana voters. Wright has proved he is no friend.

Politicians get elected by votes, if you don’t get the votes – you can’t change anything. This chap Wright is not a good person, he enjoys the sound of his own voice, he is his own biggest fan – good people do not do what he is doing. This is not about the Black Church – It is about Wright feeling that Obama is now above him. Its Wright’s eqo in overdrive.

As Bob Herbert so aptly put it, this is nothing more than ” A narcissistic trip to give him his 15 minutes”. The idea that one religious idiot is using his relationship with Barack to destroy the hopes and dreams of hundreds of millions of people is evil.

This is Barack’s test as to knowing what a tough decision really is . He needs to cut this man out of his life. His campaign needs Indiana to shut the Clinton camp down. I certainly hope for everyone’s sake enough white people see through Wright’s game and not hold it against Barack.

America could pay a very high price for Wright’s 15 minutes. Otherwise Indiana will certainly go the way of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Best Wishes

Dear Reader
(See Rev.Wright can destroy Obama) New York Times article. Link


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