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E Warren Vs Big $ Streets of New York / Comment

Article Title. K Street & Wall Street line up behind Senator Brown in race against Elizabeth Warren. Link to article.

Telling Thoughts Foreword

The battle for the US Senate seat of Massachusetts, (currently held by part term Republican Scott Brown) is about to become very nasty. Now that his Democrat opponent and current Professor of Law at Harvard, Elizabeth Warren, has taken an early lead in the polls, the big money end of town, Financial services K Street and Wall Street have begun writing very large cheques in support of their man Brown.

Telling Thoughts Comment

The stage is now set for what could be the most intriguing election parry and thrust in 2012; i.e. apart from the contest for the White House between Barack Obama and an as yet unknown Republican presidential opponent.

Excerpt from an earlier Elizabeth Warren interview:  Boston Herald 14th Nov 2011. “For years I worked to expose how Wall Street and the big banks are crushing middle class families. It just isn’t right. I stood up to the big banks and their army of Washington lobbyists. I worked to hold them accountable. I led the fight for a new agency to protect consumers — and we got it,” she says. “But Washington is still rigged for the big guys. That’s got to change.”

America needs more politicians with the  knowledge, ethics, capacity, sense of purpose and people skills, of Elizabeth Warren. Such candidates are rare, and as things stand, compared to the current crop of political hacks, she is unique. The sooner Professor Warren can meet Scott Brown in a real debate the better. People will then appreciate what a superb representative she would make.The people of the state of Massachusetts in their collective wisdom could not choose better than to send Warren to Washington as their champion. Quite possibly, they could be electing into politics the first female President of the United States, in 2016. JFK and Teddy, would be proud.

Elizabeth Warren’s official website address ishttp://www.elizabethwarren.com



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