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Donna Brazile comes out!

Donna Brazile comes out!

Fri May 30, 2008 at 04:56:45 PM PDT

She really socks it to the Clinton campaign/supporters – it’s stunning stuff.   Inter alia,

“What would Democrats gain by taking this debate any further, especially when the party is now engaged in the kind of polarizing politics that we once denounced the GOP for using for partisan gain. What can be won by tainting the process, arguing the rules are now unfair, or worse, the Republican rule of winner-takes-all should have guided the Democrats as well? All this fuss is simply about saving face and waiting to see whether some awful thing tarnishes the presumptive nominee. It’s shameful, short-sighted, mean-spirited and morally unacceptable. Now, I said it.

To my longstanding friends in the feminist community who have called out the media as being culturally sexist and misogynistic, it is time to help educate the American public about the corrosive impact of sexism in politics and elsewhere. But we can have this dialogue without using divisive language and political tactics that further threaten to divide our country and party. If another woman comes up to me in an airport and suggests Obama should wait his turn, I might scream, “Stop it!” This is not about who should be first, it’s about who has the most delegates and who might make the best president of the United States.  Link to complete Daily Kos article>>


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  1. You brought up a good point. What does “waiting one’s turn mean”. What happens to simply looking at “all” candidates and choosing the one you decide is best.

    Posted by MyEyeIsOnYou | June 1, 2008, 9:57 am