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Do you speak Korean? / Obama Video from South Korea / 5 mins / Its good

 A Telling Thoughts comment

PS. If anyone is able to translate – would you please place a translation in the comments column below. I will then add it to this page. Thank you JH.

This message has just arrived from South Korea on the “Educators for Obama” group site from Justin Fineis.

Even if you can’t speak Korean, it is worth it if you have 5 mins to spare. This is Justin’s message..

“I’m currently traveling in S.Korea and have been seeing this short doc / commercial about Barack Obama’s historic nomination.  I uploaded it on youtube and thought I would share it…
I was struck by the strong images they used. I wish I could get the word for word translation but basically they took quotes from John Howard Griffin’s book Black Like Me and footage of that time to show how meaningful Barack Obama’s nomination is to the evolution of our country…’


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