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Dinner For One / Classic New Year Hilarity

Telling Thoughts

Since first becoming aware of of Dinner For One, I have watched this famous 1920’s English classic by British author Lauri Wylie, on New Years Eve, for at least 20 years. I can assure you it is ageless, and never fails to bring tears of laughter. In Australia, it is screened at the same time, on the same national station, SBS public television, at 7.30 pm, every New Year’s Eve. This year will be no different.

An article by Philip and David Williams speaks of the program, the actors, and of the time in Germany when TV stations failed to place Dinner For One on their New Years Eve schedules. That year reportedly, there was a public outcry. Ever since, it has become a permanent New Year’s Eve feature.

With New Year’s Eve 2009 upon us , I decided to look for it on You Tube, and lo and behold here it is,  in two brief parts. If you haven’t seen this sidesplitting comedy and you want to share it with your friends, why not send them this  link.

They will be forever in your laughter debt.

Happy New Year from Australia

Best Wishes


Part One 8 mins 04

Part Two 6 min 33


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