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Democrats / Concern Clinton will break Party

Clinton’s Vow to Fight On Stokes Concern Among Fellow Democrats

By Heidi Przybyla and Laura Litvan


May 8 (Bloomberg) — Hillary Clinton’s campaign may be broken. Now some Democrats are asking if she’ll also break the party.

The prospect of the race for the presidential nomination dragging on after Barack Obama‘s North Carolina victory and his narrow loss in Indiana may jeopardize the party’s chances in the general election, said Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen, an unaligned Democrat.

“What I think a lot of us are worried about is the grinding and grinding on with this, and how tough it’s going to be to come back and run a top-notch campaign in the fall,” he said.

Other Democrats say Clinton has no chance of winning. Representative Louise Slaughter of New York, a supporter, called the election results “grim” for the New York senator. “If you look at all the math and what’s out there, it’s pretty unlikely” she can win, said Slaughter.

Former Senator George McGovern said yesterday he is switching his support to Obama from Clinton and urged her to quit. “There comes a time when you have to call off the rivalry,” McGovern said in an interview. “We are just about there.”

House Chief Deputy Whip John Lewis of Georgia, who earlier endorsed Clinton and then shifted to Obama, said it is important that the Democratic race wraps up quickly. “The time is short, the end is near,” Lewis said.

Stream of Endorsements

Obama plans to announce a stream of endorsements by superdelegates — the party officials and officeholders who aren’t bound by the results of primaries and caucuses — including three who backed him yesterday. The campaign also confirmed that Jennifer McClellan, a Virginia superdelegate, shifted her support to Obama from Clinton. At that rate, he may have as many superdelegates as Clinton by the weekend. Link to full story Bloomberg>>


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