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Dead Right Diane!

 By Diane from Cleveland.. A great comment from Obama supporter Diane, who made so much sense against the argument about Barack needing to make a separate appeal to white women to minimise the Clinton impact on this group. “Well, I have to say something here. Being a white woman, 50 years old, a lifelong Republican, I am an avid, strong supporter for Obama, almost obsessed! He is what we all need, male, female, black, white, young and old, he is the one who will help bring about change and bring us all together as a nation.”

“So, to vote for someone because of race, sex or religion is absurd. Vote and support on the issues. Also,I have never liked HRC and feel that she has done a real disservice to women. She comes across as self absorbed, self interested, phony, delusional, abrasive, power hungry, a liar, a bully, disengenuous, dishonesty, greedy and I would want this woman for president why? Now someone like Pelosi, there ya go, oh yeah and she has real experience.” 

Congratulations Diane 🙂 Your remarks are simply spot on. Wish I knew how to contact you, to say well done. Go Obama Yes we can. JH.


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