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Congressman McDermott.Dem: On Paulsen / Video

Congressman McDermott: King George has been deposed by King Henry

Rep. Jim McDermott just had the quote of the day:

 McDermott is referring to Henry M Paulson, Secretary to the Treasury in the Bush Administration. Paulson 2 years ago, was the CEO of Goldman Sachs, one of the investment banks likely to benefit from the proposed $700 Billion taxpayer funded bail out, proposed by Paulsen now wearing a different hat.

“This is the third time we’ve done it with this bunch. First the war, which didn’t get paid for. Then the tax cuts, that didn’t get paid for, and now King Henry takes over to distribute 700 billion dollars. He’s going to be there for four months. And in four months he will make deals and then he’ll go out and he’ll be able to catch a pass he threw to him.”


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