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Clinton Supporters are Pushing Convention Fight / Daily Kos

Clinton Supporters are Pushing Convention Fight

Thu Jul 10, 2008 at 02:38:56 PM PDT

Right now there is a strong movement to give Hillary Clinton a fighting chance at the presidential nomination. It’s led by a blog group called “The Denver Group”. This may be part of the reason for Hillary’s lengthly explanation of her FISA vote. Some HRC supporters are comparing Hillary’s “no” vote to Barack’s “yes” vote and McCain’s not having voted on the bill in numerous blogs. The FISA vote is clearly being used to draw support for Hillary.

Templar’s diary :

The following is found on their — website:: The Denver Group has been formed to insure that the Democratic National Committee respect and carry out the democratic process at the convention in Denver this August by meeting certain specific goals. We will be advocating, and if neccessary pressuring, through purchased mass media as well other accepted avenues, the Democratic National Committee to see to it that these goals and the interests of tens of millions of Democratic voters are met.Our goals are:An open convention.Senator Clinton’s name placed in nomination. No symbolic roll call vote.Speeches allowed by supporters of Senator Clinton onbehalf of her candidacy.A genuine roll call vote with Senator Clinton as a legitimate candidate.No coronationThe group plans to run large ads in The Washington Post and other leading newspapers which will be aimed at the millions of pissed off Hillary supporters to make these demands of the DNC. They claim this is all possible for the following reasons:

Senator Clinton has only suspended her campaign. She has not conceded and never offered a statement of concession which is traditional when someone is no longer a candidate. She did not officially end her candidacy which she could have chosen to do. She is still technically a candidate.

Senator Clinton has not released her delegates. Releasing or asking her delegates to support Senator Obama is also something she could have done. She has not. All of Senator Clinton’s delegates won during the primary season are still committed to her and can cast their votes for her at the convention as long as her name is on the ballot.

Super delegates public declarations do not count. They can change their minds ( as some did during the primary). They are not committed to any of their public declarations. Nothing counts until they cast their votes in Denver on August 27th.

They also note that Hillary’s attorneys are meeting with the DNC leadership to clearly define Hillary’s roll at the convention. How this will all turn out one can only guess. When it comes to the Clintons is seems to be not over until its over.


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