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Clinton Protests planned for DNC Meeting / Saturday

Protests Planned for Rules Committee Meeting


A Clinton supporter held up a sign at Century Village in Boca Raton, Fla., last week. (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The Democratic National Committee is bracing itself for protests outside its Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting on Saturday in Washington, where the fates of the Florida and Michigan primaries could finally be decided.

Supporters of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton are organizing to march and then gather on the street outside the panel’s meeting, scheduled for Saturday morning at a hotel in Northwest Washington.

“They’re coming up on buses, they’re taking the train, they’re Metro-ing, they’re coming up with friends,” said Allida Black, a professor at George Washington University and an event organizer. “We’re trying to flood it.”

The Rules and Bylaws Committee is expected to address the primary votes from Michigan and Florida, which moved up their primaries in violation of national party rules. The Clinton campaign has pinned its hopes on the Michigan and Florida votes being added to the totals, giving her a much-needed boost in the final days of the primary campaign.

Besides their goal of pressuring the committee into counting the votes from Florida and Michigan, Mrs. Clinton’s supporters are hoping that an en masse gathering will demonstrate widespread support for her candidacy — and perhaps persuade a superdelegate or two.

Ms. Black is behind the newly formed political action committee, WomenCount, which has been running full-page ads in newspapers for the last two weeks in support of Mrs. Clinton.

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